Oct 282015

All Hallows’ Eve (or All Saints’ Eve): The day (night) when the hellish and demonic are abroad and occultists celebrate all things goulish, spooky and downright scarey… or an excuse to terrorise the neighbours/family and extort confectionary.

Christmas Day : The celebration of the birth of dear baby Jesus, the three wise men giving gifts and shepherds, angels, crustaceans in attendance … or an excuse to terrorise (or be terrorised by) the neighbours/family(or their visitors) and over indulge; especially on confectionary. This is maybe a stash from a mid-autumn sortie, but more usually the sugar laden/cocoa light contents of a selection box from Auntie Mary.

So although these two festivals appear may similar they are in fact equal,  and it’s all down to numbers (isn’t it always )

OCT 31 = DEC 25

Octal (abbreviated to OCT, and a little up the food chain from binary ) is used by silicon based non-life forms aka computers to represent numbers internally.
It is a base8 number system  ( … 512 64 8 U )

Decimal (abbreviated to DEC, and used mainly for presenting numbers to carbon based life forms using computers).
It is the number system that we know and love (…100 10 U   or    H T U for the older readers )

OCT 31 = (3 x 8 )  +   1  = 25
DEC 25 = (2 x 10)  +  5  = 25

And there we have it  Oct 31 = 25 Dec ….. the old ones are the best ones

Look out for 666 coming soon

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