Feb 032013

The proposed spend of £33+billion [2013 figures] to improve the travel time to London, by up to a whole hour, from Manchester  [nobody is going to travel from london, unless they are returning home ] must surely be questioned.

Alot of money to prop-up a 19th Century transport system to the capital, that will take decades to complete.

If you want/have to spend that sort of cash on the railways – spend it on commuter lines, that would relieve traveller fatigue everyday, rather than the couple of journeys per month.
If you want to better spend the money – why not invest in a something that would have a more relevant and immediate impact – broadband.

One of the best articles on this subject is We need a new digital network, not a rail one by Andrew McGuinness [Times 29.01.2013 – alas behind a paywall so not linked]

He compares the situation with that in South Korea, here are some snips….

“At the time Nesta (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) noted that South Koreans have access to internet connection speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps); the average UK broadband speed was 3.6Mbps. As ever greater demand is put on that digital infrastructure, those speeds will get even slower”

“For £5 billion we could put broadband into every home: it projected the creation of 600,000 jobs in four years, boosting the economy in that period alone by £18 billion. With decent internet provision across the whole country, entrepreneurs could do business in Cumbria or Cornwall and never need catch a train.”

Think about it …

We need a new digital network, not a rail one

Andrew McGuinness