Feb 212017

Peter Mandelson says “I work every single day to bring forward the end of [Mr Corbyn’s] tenure in office.” Reports The Independent (and others)
How loyal to the party and a democratically elected leader. The New Labour camp lost two leadership campaigns… doesnt that say something to the likes of Mandelson and NL?

Tony Bliar’s “mission” to persuade Britons to “rise up” and change their minds on Brexit. Reported by TheGuardian BBC and others.
Bliar’s announcement is such a mix of arrogance and contempt of the UK populus. His crusade to “not leave the EU” is effectively saying to half the UK electorate “you got it wrong and I will reverse things ” … while Leaving the EU is probably the most stupid thing this country could do – it has voted to do it. This debate should have taken place before the referendum. The deal is done. If people are stupid enough to vote for an unknown, undefined exit that is unfortunate. Maybe if more “better informed” had donned their undies over their pants and engaed in a mission back in April-May last year we wouldn’t now be sat in a Native American vessel somewhere in a canyon of excrement with no means of propulsion” (apologies to Dr Cooper for the misquote 

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