Feb 132017

UPDATED : 14.02.2017
SS tweets  – with no supporting evidence – Trump claim Obama ‘abuse of power’ probe amid wiretap claim   Just false claim Obama aide.  But two former senior US officials quickly dismissed Trump’s accusations out of hand. “Just nonsense,” said one former senior US intelligence official. CNN report






SS reports  “No, absolutely not. No way” that Flynn discussed sanctions with the Russian ambassador. Flynn resigns hours later following a ringing endorsement from Conway.

It had to happen, and thanks to SNL and Melissa McCarthy,  Sean the Alternaive now has his own page. Other bits will stay where they are but all new Spicer Facts (real and aletranative) plus (and this is a limited offer that comes with a $1 Ivanka Crapon redeemable at any inflight Pan-AM trolley) any new stuff should be here. So let’s give it up for Sean, the jerk who mad polotics funny again for all the wrong (though hilarious ) reasons.

SNL channel on YouTube for SS, TheDonald and much more

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MM helps SS explain Extreme Vetting 12th Feb+

SS responds


MM introduces SS 5th Feb