Jan 222013

Micael Winner dies – very sad, huge loss. <more>

So the army is being reduced again. But DaveyC says North Africa is a new area where terrorism has to be fought [ and put to the sword!] ..by whom?  <more> Army may soon fail to fill Twickers  … To put the numbers into perspective – Wembley 90,000 Twickenham 82,000  Croke Park 82,300 … and we can forget the likes of Nou Camp, Bernabéu, Maracanã, MCG, Eden Gardens et al – and they arent the really big boys.

Swansea play Chelsea in the Capital Cup One Semi, Chelsea are chasing the game [its 0-0 and they are 2-0 down on aggregate ]
Ball “boy” Charlie Morgan retrieves the ball , but doesnt return it to a Chelsea player.
Instead falls on the ball and doesnt move – in Rugby he would be penalised for not releasing!!

Chelsea player [Hazard]  tries to kick the ball from underneath him [which was just plain silly]

Huge indignation from all and sundry …

Next day it transpires Morgan had tweeted [ #needed#for#timewasting ] before the match the role the ballboy can play in support of their team… Oh and he is also employed by Swansea …. and is the son of  Martin Morgan a Swansea City director.
If you can get past the pay-wall see what Rod Liddle and Hugh McIlvanney wrote in the Sunday Times, if not here is Hugh’s parting shot
“It was difficult to argue that the ballboy was entirely free of culpability in the unedifying scene after we learned that, prior to going on sidelines duty, he sent forth a smirking tweet about his expertise in time-wasting. Young Charlie didn’t deserve to be kicked. Vigorous application of a slipper to his hindquarters might, however, leave him slightly less smart-arsed.”