Chez Blog


I thought it might be fun to try to integrate a wordpress blog into a conventional website ….this is the result

This is the HOME page for the Blog area.
You will see there several navigation bars

  • The navigation bar  at the top of the page allows you to return here – CHEZ BLOG – and access blog PAGES
    Also to the right there is a Quick Links Tab that does what it says on the label!
  • The middle one – below the Blog Off logo is the standard Website navigation bar.
    To return to the HOME page of the website – click the Squaring the Circle icon
    The other buttons will take you to the appropriate page in the site.
  • Finally the lower bar is the Blog area navigation bar for POSTS
    Tabs [and subsequent drop downs ] allow access to individual catagories

Alternatively you can use the Search facility to find Blog pages/posts with the required words in their content.
Or select a Tag from the Tag Cloud to see all Posts with that Tag.

What lives where , and do you care?
PAGES contain more long term stuff and will be displayed in hierarchical drop downs from the top navigation tabs.
POSTS [have a date] are accessible from a page per category list which drops down from the lower navigation bar.
The most recent posts first. Posts are more transient…. but never forgotten – see the archives for stuff that has dropped off the topic page.
LINKS are an easy way to find commonly used [for me] links. Other links are available in other parts of the site/blog

The main website has been re-vamped to simplify things, consolidating it’s Funny pages into the Blog area  ….. confused you will be [another shameless link]  !