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Jul 142017

A French military band broke from tradition at the Bastille Day parade and offered its rendition of Daft Punk tunes. OK the tangerine idiot from across the pond was there …gettting down with the kids (or maybe not)

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Mar 202017

Trump stands by unsubstantiated claim that British intelligence spied … The Guardian–17 Mar 2017 Donald Trump refused to back down on Friday in the face of British outrage at White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s decision to repeat an … US [Click Here – You know you want to …]

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Feb 182017

Gleichschaltungen : The policy and/or process of achieving rigid and total coordination and uniformity (as in politics, culture, communication) by forcibly repressing or eliminating independence and freedom of thought, action, or expression In Germany 1933-37  it was : The systematic elimination [Click Here – You know you want to …]

Feb 122017

Supposedly worth a thousand words ….. TrumpDraws (Twitter) @ed_son (Twitter) lest we forget the slime, lowlifes and enablers of this madness  

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