As it says on the tin….but you wish it didn’t
– or in some cases you had a different tin

So what is ridiculous?
The concept of non-joined up thinking – anywhere, anyplace, anytime! ..or in Britain – B A U …. i.e. [id est anyone] pretty much everywhere, everyplace, everytime
……how very sad,,,, how very very sad…SAD is not a TLA, but a bloody [accurate] adjective……….shed a tear anyway.

stupid, funny
Synonyms: absurd, antic, bizarre, comic, comical, contemptible, daffy, derisory, droll, fantastic, farcical, foolheaded, foolish, gelastic, goofy, grotesque, harebrained, hilarious, impossible, incredible, jerky, laughable, ludicrous, nonsensical, nutty, outrageous, preposterous, risible, sappy*, silly, slaphappy, unbelievable, wacky

In context – anything that isn’t sublime.
A hook on which to hang the pants of the Blog

If you nod [and are angry], or shake your head [and give a resigned sigh ] ….. we have hit the spot
– if not do you really think we care ?

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Jan 082017
Waterloo : Eight months ...and waiting

  FUKUOKA …1 week – Freak sinkhole DAWLISH …2 Months – Storm Damage   CUMBRIA … 5 Months – Storm Damage   SEFTON … still ongoing – Planned Roadworks To get to this.. …from this  Started 25th April 2016

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Jun 152014

http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/jun/15/tony-blair-iraq-essay Tony Blair has strongly rejected claims that the 2003 US-UK invasion of Iraq was to blame for the current crisis gripping the country, pointing the finger instead firmly at the Maliki government and the war in Syria.