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Their Obits are widely available, my usual “GO TO” [Yuk!] source was, of course, The Times. Alas this is [and has been for sometime ] behind a pay-wall, but The Independent and Teh Grauniad are good alternatives …and if all else fails there is the telegraph

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Nov 122016

Other 2016  leavers … John Glenn [ July 18, 1921 – December 8, 2016] – Astronaut and later a senator … US’s Yuri Doris Roberts [ . .1925 – 2016 ] – Marie Barone on the popular TV comedy “Everybody Loves Raymond” [Click Here – You know you want to …]

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Jan 122014

Others who inspired, influenced or were part of my life (albeit from afar), but left in 2013 Ray Manzarek [12.02.1939 -20.05.2013] – Keyboard player , Doors… Influential Band Alan Whicker [,02.08.1921-11.07.2013] – Journalist and broadcaster… Great entertainment and of course [Click Here – You know you want to …]

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Jan 122010

Further reading about the folk no longer with us Legacy.com – pretty US-centric, but the odd foriegner does sneek in… Actors Politics Sports People Writers  Papers theguardian

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