OK not everything is funny to everyone, this lot is funny to  me.
If you are easily upset/offended or overly PC, it is probably best you bail out now.

Still here? …. OK.  If you dont like the content  – get over it and move on.

I have tried to keep things in bite size bits, so there is less chance of humour overload resulting in un-funny fatigue.

I am not claiming this material as mine – just collating it.
If you know the correct author of anything unattributed get back to me and I will give the credit stuff deserves.

Every effort has been made to comply and respect copyright — BUT — if there is anything that infringes copyright it will, if requested, be removed as soon as possible…. Again just let me know.

Otherwise …. read on and, hopefully, have a laugh – albeit at somebody/thing’s expense


All characters, unless explicitly named, are fictional.
If any remind you of somebody you know it’s a spooky coincidence.

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